Root Canal Treatment in Billericay, Essex

Also known as Endodontics it is a procedure used to treat infection that has reached the dental pulp. Root canal treatment is not often painful and can save a tooth which otherwise would have needed to be extracted.


Bacteria that are normally found in the mouth can enter the pulp either as a result of tooth decay, leaky or broken fillings or damage to the tooth due to trauma.


A tooth is made up of three parts. The Crown is the top part of the tooth which you can see in the mouth. The root is the part which holds the tooth in the jaw bone. The pulp is the live part of the tooth which contains the nerve and blood supply to the tooth.


The Crown consists of two layers: the outer layer is the Enamel which is hard outer coating. The inner layer is Dentine which is softer and forms the majority of the tooth, this also has a good connection to the Pulp.

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